What I’m Growing in 2016

After much planning, perusing and pondering I think that I’ve finally decided on what I’m going to grow for the coming year. Although it might look like a lot, my general approach is always to try a grow a small amount of lots of different varieties. New additions this year include Kiwano, Tomatillos, Edible Dahlias and Watermelon.

So without further ado here is what I’m growing this year;

Brassicas: Red Cabbage – Rouge Tete Noir, Kale – Redbor, Kale – Nero de Toscana, Kale – Curley Scarlet, Swede – Tweed, Turnip – Petroski, Cabbage – Greyhound, Brocoli – Early Purple Sprouting, Mooli – Mino Early, Kohl Rabi – Purple Delicacy.

Broad Beans: Imperial Longpod, Leidse Hangdown.

Carrots: Atomic Red, Purple Haze, Yellowstone, Nantes 5, Belgium White.

Climbing Beans: Blauhilde, Yardlong, Neckargold, Blue Lake.

Courgettes: De Nice a Rond, Striato de Napoli, Tromboncino.

Cucumbers: Wautoma, Kheera, Cornichon de Paris, Mandurin Round.

Dwarf Beans (Mainly For Drying): Hutterite Soup,  Black Turtle, Pinto, Black Eyed, Cannelini, Black Eyed.

Leeks: Blue Solaise, Musselbrugh, Jolent.

Melons: Melba, Outdoor Wonder, Sharks Fin (Hongs), Watermelon – Blacktail Mountain.

Others: Kiwano, Tomatillo – Purple, Achocha – Fat Baby, Edible Dahlias, Cape Gooseberry.

Peas: Kelvedon Wonder, Shiraz, Markana.

Peppers (Hot): Cayenne, Bolivian Rainbow, Serrano.

Peppers (Sweet): Mixed Cool, Sweet Romano.

Perennial Bed: Jerusalem Artichokes, Daubenton’s Kale, Skirret, Nine Star Cauliflower, Globe Artichokes.

Potatoes: TBD

Roots: Parsnip – Tender and True, Parsip – Guernsey Demi-long Root Parsley – Orbis, Salsify – Sandwich Island, Beetroot – Cylindra, Beetroot – Chioggia, Celeriac – Monarch, Celery – Full White, Celery – Giant Red.

Salads: Agretti, Rainbow Chard, Sorrel, Mizuna, Pak Choi, Lettuce – Little Gem, Spinach Beet, Lettuce – Lollo Rosso, Lettuce – All Year Round, Calallo – Mr Jefwa, Rocket, Mibuna.

Squashes (Winter): Blue Hubbard, Black Futsu, Thelma Sanders, Blue Kuri, Red Kuri, Sibley, Invincible.

Sweetcorn: Double Standard, Golden Bantam Dolce.

Tomatoes (Greenhouse): Chipano, Super Marmande, Black Plum, Scotland Yellow, Yellow Pear, Green Zebra, Orange Russian, White Beauty.

Tomatoes (Outdoor): Golden Sunrise, Koralik, Totem, Mountain Pride.

Tubers: Oca (A selection from last years Oca trial), Ulluco, Yacon.

I’d love to know what everyone else is planning to grow this coming year.  So please let me know please in the comments or via Twitter.



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  1. Am not as well organised as you. We have spinach underway and have started harvesting the parsnips. Everything is dug over ready, but a it of a quagmire with all the rain.


  2. Wow, how organised. Do you have loads of room? Be careful of your squashes cross pollinating.


    1. I have about an 125m^2 allotment, a 8ft greenhouse and a couple of raised beds at home.

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  3. Beryl says:

    Looks a really nice selection – particularly like the look of those beans. No onions though?


    1. I’ve never had much luck with onions so tend to give them a miss.

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      1. In the past have you used onion seeds or onion sets? I typically have a hard time with onion sets, but onion sets are much more difficult.


  4. What is your Twitter #?


  5. plot34 says:

    Nice selection and really organised. I looked at my seed box today!


    1. Thanks, absolutely itching to start sowing some seeds now though!


  6. Wow! That is a lot of veg. We’re planning on using a small amount of heritage varieties for the first time this year.


    1. Sounds good, any varieties in particular?


      1. We have not decided on any specific varieties as yet. However, being an Edwardian garden we have decided that heritage should be the way to go for us in the long run beginning with a small trial run this coming year. Hope to get some really tasty and characterful veg like our predecessors would have done.


  7. I am going to be growing less and more…less of what we don’t eat much and more of our favourites. Adding more flowers to the ‘menu’ as just today was asked to sell small vase arrangements to local hotel. Delighted to become more efficient while doing something a bit new.


  8. lyart says:

    uh, you’re much further in planning than I am. I am determined to try out Jerusalem Artichokes this year. And Curcuma roots. I addition to green salads and potatoes again. Parsley root and cabbages or on the list, too. Mangold, of course and green beans and peas. Ginger. I am not at all decided on flowers.


  9. Looks like you have good plans! I’ve ordered all mine too! So exciting when they turn up in the post. Seems like you have a good space… But so much to grow! Just can’t wait for spring!!


  10. colleenkeane says:

    I have been planning what to grow this year for about 3 months…still planning. I think I have most of it planned out although I do wish I would stop being a magpie for different things – took weeks to decide which spuds to grow, decided, then one day I find a variety of my name Colleen. Threw my plan out of the window. I have just done a post with my list on, not that dissimilar to yours and hopefully now its in black and white I will stop being so indecisive.


  11. adamleone01 says:

    I wish I was this organised! I’m planting as I go – I think I might start planning.


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