Allotment Tour – June 2017

Now that the growing season is in full swing, things have been pretty hectic down at the allotment and in the greenhouse. In lieu of a proper post, here is a quick video tour of my allotment plot at the start of June.

…and here’s a quick video tour of my greenhouse and some of the edibles on my patio at home.

Rest assured, I’m growing plenty of new and unusual crops this year and so there are lots of new ‘How to Grow’ posts in the pipeline! As always, I’d love to know what everyone else has been sowing, growing or harvesting this week. So please let me know please in the comments or via Twitter.

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  1. Wonderful video blog.. Loved walking around your allotments.. Yes this is indeed a busy time.. 🙂 Thank you for taking time to share..


  2. skyeent says:

    Thanks for the tour. It’s looking very promising! Our gooseberries have also set very well this year and no sign of sawfly yet! I’m starting lots of perennial veg this year – asparagus from seed, salsify, skirret and scorzonera, rapidly running out of pots and room to put them!


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