Instagram Seed Swap Group 2018


I’ve never organised something like this before but here’s how this hopefully might work…

1) Each person will contribute enough seeds from one or more varieties so that each person in the group has enough to try growing them. It doesn’t have to be self-saved seeds and something like 5-10 seeds per person is probably a reasonable quantity to aim for. The aim is that we all get a small amount of lots of different seeds to try growing next year!

2) When you have your seeds to send, they should be divided into individual packets for each person in the group. To make things easier, each packet should be labelled with the variety, year saved / bought and your Instagram username. Feel free to add growing instructions or any other information about the seeds that you are sending in.

3) Once everything is packaged up, post your seeds to me along with a return address and enough stamps to cover the return postage. Either enough for a large letter or small parcel will probably be sufficent. I’ve never had an easy experience posting seeds abroad before, so this needs to be a UK address I’m afraid.

4) When I’ve received all the seeds, I’ll divide up the packets and hopefully post everyone an exciting bundle of seeds!

If you are still interested in taking part or have any comments, either reply to me on Instagram or leave a comment below. As it’s a long while before Spring there’s no rush but it woud be nice to get the seeds sent out sometime before 2019.


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