Where to Buy Seeds

Places to buy interesting and unusual varieties of vegetables and fruit;

The Real Seed Catalogue – Possibly the best UK collection of often rare and unusual open pollinated seeds. Tends to be my first stop for most seeds!

Pennards Plants – Huge collection of unusual and rare vegetable seeds. As as added bonus they also have absolutely lovely seed packets.

Thomas Etty Esq. Seeds – Specialising in heritage vegetable varieties.

Victoriana Nursery – Large range of vegetable seeds, plug plants and fruit plus a fantastic selection of chilli seeds.

Otter Farm Shop – Plenty of interesting vegetables, herbs, nuts, spices and fruit from Mark Diacono.

Baker Creek Seeds – An absolutely huge range of often unusual and heritage vegetable seeds, based in the US but will ship to the UK. I could literally spend hours just browsing their website!

Sea Spring Seeds – Large range of vegetable seeds with an absolutely fantastic range of chilli seeds.

Beans and Herbs – Wide variety of rare and unusual bean seeds.

Backyard Larder–  Wide range of perennial vegetables for sale.

Bobby Seeds – Specialists in Squashes and Pumpkins with at least 300 different varieties.

Agroforestry Research Trust – Wide selection of unusual fruit trees/bushes and perennial edibles.

KORE Wild Fruit Nursery – Collection of unusual fruits and edible perennials

Edulis – Large selection of unusual edibles with plenty of interesting perennials.

Jekka’s Herb Farm – Huge collection of herbs, I mean absolutely huge….!

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery – Same as above really, over 400 varieties of herbs for sale.

Seeds of Italy – Lovely selection of seeds including a particularly fine selection of courgettes and tomatoes.

Organic Garden Catalogue – Huge range of organic vegetable seeds.

Brown Envelope Seeds – A great selection of open pollinated vegetable, grain and herb seeds.

Incredible Vegetables – Some wonderful unusual vegetables including Ulluco, Skirret and Perennial Kale.

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  1. I love Baker Creek and can’t resist ordering every year for the last few years. Such selection and variety!! But I wonder why their seeds are only good for the year they are sold in, less than twelve months?! And they do not do well after expiry, tested and disappointed. Will continue to order from them, is still worth it, they are fab!!
    What a great site you have here. Lovely to have a visit from you to me and I will enjoy your future posts! Where are you based? Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.


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